Furniture Donation Pickup


Why Donate?

Second-hand shops are good for the world.  By reducing the need for the manufacture of new items, resources like electricity and water are preserved.  Donating to second-hand shops like Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store keeps millions of pounds of usable items out of landfills and helps support children in crisis.

Furniture Donation

Upgrading your living room set or bedroom furniture?  We will gladly pick up your unneeded furniture!  Schedule online or by calling (210)826-2195. Keep reading for a full list of acceptable donations.

Acceptable Items

We appreciate your donations.  Below is a list of items we can accept, and a list of items we CANNOT take.


Boysville Auxiliary Thrift Store gladly accepts donations of new or gently used:


-  Clothing (All Sizes)  - Shoes   (All Sizes)  - Jewelry   (Real or Costume) - Furniture

- CDs,   DVDs, Records- Antiques - Collectibles- Home   Décor - Dishes - Cookware- Bed   Linens

- Towels - Accessories- Purses/Handbags- Pet   Supplies - Walkers/Canes- Toys/Games

- Video Games - Books/Magazines- Art- Frames/Albums - Office   Supplies- Bicycles

-Small Appliances - Electronics- Flat   Screen TVs- Rugs - Tools- Sewing   Supplies

- Musical   Instruments

We cannot accept the following items:


- Mattresses   or Box Springs- Bed   Pillows or Mattress Pads- Safety   or Bicycle Helmets 

- Protective   Gear- Major   Appliances- Cribs,   Car Seats, Playpens - Large Floor Copiers

- Large   Desks- Tube   TVS - Skis- Heaters/AC- Garbage   Disposals or Water Softeners